Single eyelid and Double-fold Eyeliner Painting


Single eyelid eyeliner painting
For the eyelids a little edema of the single-eyed girls, try to choose no light powder eye shadow, the use of a little dark eye shadow wiped in the roots of eyelashes, blunt out above the top, and then close to the eyelashes at the same time with eyelashes eyeliner with mascara, You can draw a clean God's eyes makeup. For small single-eyed girls, the technique is to make the eyes slightly larger, in the end of the eye around the roots of the eyelashes using dark eye shadow, while the outside of the eye with eyeliner close to the roots of eyelashes painted with a black mascara So that the eye is slightly thicker, in fact, this is the miniature single eyelash girl is very suitable for smoked makeup. For eyelashes long but sagging single eyelid girls, if the eyes are more heavy, then the eyelashes will be eyebrows to suppress, even brush mascara is also no effect, that technique is to use eyelash curler, from the inside to the outside of three , And then brush on the special Alice mascara on it. If it is a single eyelid girl to Di bar and the like, then you need to use the fluorescent make-up, and in the makeup on the basis of deepening eye makeup, and then fluorescent powder added in the brow, eye head, cheek, Neck or shoulder, etc. can be.
Double-fold eyeliner painting
Within the eyes of the upper eyeliner painting is not good painting, the technique is to use double eyelid glue or double eyelid line into the outer double and then painted eyeliner. Like holding a pencil, like holding the eyeliner, a little forward will be very control, it is best to put the pen round, and then gently pull the eyelids, the mirror is placed from the body 20 cm away from the eyes, eyes below the eyes, ring finger light Light to pull up the eyelids, and then from the end of the eye began to draw, close to the roots of the eyelashes from the end of the eye to the corner of the eye section, each paragraph need to keep 2mm, repeated painting, the appropriate force can be. The purpose of this eyeliner is to beautify and highlight the eyes, while modifying or changing the shape of the eye. Eyeliner when the pen to light, and the use of progressive way to overlap color painting, you can gently make a layer of foundation or powder, eyeliner color selection is also very particular about, dark brown, black and iron gray is quite good.