Simple Eyeliner painting


The line of eye liner is more beautiful than the line of eye liner, and it is clearer and more natural, and it is not easy to be dyed. But the solution of eyeliner is very difficult to master, and a careless can not describe the perfect eyeliner. So how to use eyeliner to draw eyeliner in order to draw a perfect Eyeliner? The following to teach you a simple solution Eyeliner eyeliner, easy to learn, do not worry about painting can not draw a good eyeliner.
Step one
To paint a perfect eyeliner, make eye makeup beautiful, first to give up eyelashes mascara. The use of fingers on the eyelids slightly upward pull (as shown), then try not to blink, then give up eyelashes mascara and can be painted several layers, it will make eyelashes thicker and longer , after painted eyeliner, eye makeup can be perfect.
Step two
Finish mascara, you can begin to use eyeliner eyeliner. Close your eyes and gently pull the eyelid skin (as shown), which provides a smooth surface for eyeliner. First, you should start from the outer corner of the eye, gently draw to the middle, and then from the inner canthus began to draw to the middle. Don't rush to finish it. Instead, sketch the outline as a sketch, then supplement it, gradually finish the eyeliner painting, and draw the perfect eyeliner.
Step three
Eyeliner usually won't immediately kill, so when the eyeliner or wet, with cotton swabs along the eye liner end, upturned direction gently pull, so that the eye end of the line to create more natural, so that the eyes of the line more beautiful.
Step four
With the eyeliner and then pull out along the cotton curve, from the outer corner of the eye began to walk again eyeliner, which will make the entire eye liner looks more complete, the entire Eyeliner painting steps are completed.