Novice how to use eyeliner liquid liner


Eyeliner eye make-up is also the key to create a good painting, then it is the finishing touch, poor painting is superfluous embarrassment, so eyeliner makeup techniques have to grasp the firm, in order to draw a charming eye Makeup. Today to share with you eye liner makeup eye liner makeup techniques.

1: first with eyeliner to outline the approximate location of the eyeliner, the end of the eye slightly elongated upturned.

2: fill the gap between eyeliner and eyelashes with liquid liner.

3: draw the eyeliner at the head, remember here not to paint too thick.

4: draw the liner when using dark eye shadow, draw the location shown in the figure from the end of eye to eye distance. Here to remember under the liner do not dark deep, do not paint too thick.
: In order to make the eyeliner softer, you can brush the lower eyeliner brush inward.

6: James take brown eyeshadow on the eyeliner.

7: Brush your eyelashes with mascara

8: clip eyelashes, paste false eyelashes

This simple eyeliner makeup techniques to complete eyeliner