Novice how to choose eyeliner / liquid?


In order to meet the needs of the general public, there are so many makeup products nowadays. There are also a lot of dandy products that are not easy to use. Therefore, do not just listen to the price when you choose. You can try it on the back of your hand.
Eyeliner colors are many, commonly used in black and brown, you can prepare each one, eyebrows can also be used
Painting is not too hard, after all, is drawing around the eyes, not too light will not color, will appear virtual, to see if the lines drawn are uniform and smooth, the color is not clear, the color will not end after a stroke Block, refill can not be too hard.
Eyeliner pen
Compared to eyeliner, eyeliner in everyday life to grasp some of the pen, it is recommended that no makeup and just make-up girls choose their own makeup. Eyeliner pen in the selection of the pen to try to choose the pen slightly thinner, not easy to make mistakes, painted on the back of the hand, and so on after the dry will see caking, and some will be dumped in the dry; gently Rub a look to see if it will fade or blooming; If you love to dazzle, then rub the finger a little wet to see if it fade, a little bit does not matter, fade the words directly without consideration.