Note the choice of eyebrow pencil and eyebrow


You can choose the eyebrow pencil hardness and thickness, can help fill the gap between the eyebrows, eyebrows sparse for people to use. Powder can be mixed color, increase the overall natural effect, easy for beginners to use.
When you buy a pencil, to choose a similar color and hair color, Asian girls with dark brown is appropriate. If you have dyed hair, then choose according to the hair color. Compared with the hair color light on the 1st of the eyebrow (powder). Asian women are more suitable for brown, try not to use black completely, and make the eyebrows look too serious.
In the choice of eyebrow pencil and eyebrow, pay attention to the following two points:
1, soft texture, no damage to the skin
2. Easy to color
Black, brown eyebrow pencil pen has two colors, two kinds of plastic and wood, with metal or plastic cap.
Eyebrow pencil and pencil shape although very close, but the different raw materials. The pencil is the raw material of graphite, the main raw material is oil pencil (castor oil, lanolin, wax (cetyl), wax, ceresin etc.) and pigment and essence. The raw materials are mixed, heated, decorated and cooled to become a group, then rolled into a refill, modified, processed, and finally packaged.
In the selection of pencil, pen length must comply with the requirements, decorative appearance to the United States, refills should be close to the pen, no loose phenomenon. The hardness of the cartridge should be moderate.