No makeup makeup tips


The temporary do not want a lasting makeup, and do no permanent makeup, as long as the use of some simple tricks as well.
1. The small technique of powdery powder
If you make up your makeup with a foundation or a foundation, it's better to sponger vertically and gently, so that the foundation is more integrated with the skin, and the foundation is more durable.
If you use the dual-purpose Makeup Foundation should be screwed eight dry sponge foundation, according to the general steps, then with a dry sponge, another foundation, second times can be a substitute powder foundation, this foundation is not easy to float powder.
2, Close to the powder tips
Puff dipped in powder, take out everywhere, to press powder.
3, Eyebrow stereotype small skill
The first set of eyebrow to eyebrow, eye shadow pen dipped in water, fine, water will get quick drying, dipped in powder or powder eye shadow, along the shape of light eyebrow eyebrow brush. A little water, can make the eyebrow more easily fixed on your brow.
4. The small technique of eye shadow
The eye shadow part of the makeup should also be on the foundation. Eye shadow brush or eye shadow stick dip in a small amount of water. Use the tissue paper to suck the moisture attached to the eye shadow. The eye shadow brush is quickly dipped into the eye shadow powder and pressed on the way. The eye shadow is not easy to dust, and the color of the eye shadow is better.
5, Eyeliner Pen protracted skills
Eyeliner is not as good as eye liner. However, as long as the eye liner is used, a layer of eye shadow is added to the eyeliner. This eye shadow can be used to make the eyeliner more durable. In the liner before the first of a powder in the liner on the part, can have lasting effects you require.
6, Cheek red fixing small skill
At the end of the foundation, with a finger dipped in cream blush, light powder halo in the cheekbone at uniform, finally with cream blush color similar to blush can be shaped.