Matters needing attention in cosmetic packaging design


High quality cosmetic packaging design can always bring good experience for products, it can attract more consumers to stop and view the information on the packaging, so as to stimulate consumers' desire to buy. Then, how to design a high-quality cosmetic packaging design, zeny cosmetic package tells you: cosmetic packaging design needs to pay attention to these matters.

1. Target consumers
The packaging design of cosmetics is aimed at consumers, so we must master the overall target consumers. Different consumers will choose their own cosmetics. For example, a packaging design that can attract young women is not easy to attract mature women. Once the overall target customers are clear, do some Market Research on the prominent style of today's popular cosmetics packaging design. You can draw inspiration from their cosmetic packaging design.

2. Brand logo
The brand logo of cosmetic packaging design is to express the appropriate information content according to the packaging, so that customers can better understand your company. Cosmetics packaging design is the real identity of enterprises to broaden. Customers' views on the cosmetics packaging design of the enterprise will always affect their cognition of the brand. It is also a widespread practice to apply a variety of cosmetic packaging designs to different product lines under the same brand.

3. Distribution strategy
As for the distribution channel strategy of cosmetics market, you need to consider where your target consumers will meet your products. It is not easy to have significant differences in design methods when selling on the Internet, in small and medium-sized skin care shops or in large department stores, but you should ensure that your products can stand out among dozens of products. In the storage shelves of large and medium-sized department stores, luxury product packaging design is more likely to be found by customers. In a small and medium-sized skin care shop, luxury design is likely to be difficult to achieve, but simple and atmospheric product packaging design may be more popular.

4. Packaging focus
In cosmetic packaging design, every product must have a name, and the packaging must have commodity information, so that consumers can understand the products they choose. Customers will look for a lot of information on cosmetic packaging to buy. It is not easy for most people to spend too much time thinking about it, which means that cosmetic packaging design has only a short time to transmit the most important information of the product. This important message delivery is the focus of cosmetic packaging box.
As for the focus information of cosmetic packaging design, we can highlight these messages through some design elements. For example, logo: your cosmetics packaging design can have two logos. One is the company logo, the other is the product log. Its corporate logo and brand logo appear on the product packaging. However, the brand logo is more dominant in packaging, usually at the front. Like any other logo design, it has to really represent the main features of the product. For example, the main ingredients used, its performance, its efficacy, or its expected effect, etc.