Makeup with eye shadow pen or eye shadow?


Eye shadow is used for make-up around the eyes, with color and shadow to have a three-dimensional sense. The eye shadow is powdery, stick, paste, eye shadow emulsion and pencil shape. Color is very diverse, its primary role is to give the eye three-dimensional sense, add color to the eye.

Eye shadow
Features: powder texture, easy to fall, easy to take powder control.
For people: everyone.
Usage: eye shadow powder is a dry texture. When using Eyeshadow powder, the best partner is the brush. It is easy to take powder, and basically does not eat powder.
It is worth noting that using a clean brush to get powder is convenient and at the same time, powder stripping is also convenient. Therefore, brush can not dip too much eye shadow on one eye at a time. If it is wrong, it may be a bit troublesome. The correct way to open it is: to take a small amount of it many times, dip the eye shadow and brush the eye shadow to pay attention to separate use, and the transition of eye shadow can be clean and natural, and retain the sense of hierarchy.
Wet and dry dual-purpose eye shadow powder can wet the brush or spray the powder to the eye. The eye shadow will be specially colored, with strong color and long durability.

Left dry right wet
You can also use the common sponge head brush in the box eye shadow to get the powder. Pay attention not to have too much water on the wet brush, just wet it a little.
Although hand is a good cosmetic tool, it is not recommended for beginners to use eye shadow powder on their fingers. First of all, fingers can easily destroy the outline of eye shadow. Secondly, because novice once mastered bad dosage, eye shadow effect may be particularly heavy.

[eye shadow pen]
The shape is pen like, and the paste body is made into a refill, similar to the paste shape. The texture is relatively hard. It is easy to operate and suitable for decorative makeup.
The paste of eye shadow pen is generally better than that of canned eye shadow paste. It can be painted directly as an eyeliner. If you want to transition, you can use the brush to dye it.
For people: everyone.

Generally speaking, for some girl who just learn how to make up, using the general eye shadow plate will be better. Because the use of eye shadow pen will be very awkward, especially if some girl with skill is not proficient in using it, it will be very easy to appear the uneven eye shadow.
With the use of eye shadow, we can use some eye shadow brush to dip into the love eye shadow number to color our eyelids. When using the eye shadow plate, we should follow the rule of using light color series of eye shadow to do the bottoming work first. Then use some eyes with higher color rendering to color. In the latter step, we will use some pearlescent series of eye shadow to stack up, which will achieve better eye enhancement.
If the eye shadow plate is replaced by an eye shadow pen, it will cause the color of the eye shadow to be blooming, and the makeup effect on the eyelids is stacked. It looks very ugly. So this is what every girl who studies make-up must pay attention to.