Makeup skills Eyeliner function


Eyeliner is a very common make-up item with a very high utilization rate. It is one of the essential cosmetics in daily makeup. Let's take a look at the use of eyeliner.

The appearance of eyeliner looks more like a pencil, the main function is to deepen and highlight the eye makeup effect. The most common use is to paint along the roots of the eyelashes to form a linear deepening, which is what we often call the eyeliner effect.

The more commonly used colors in daily life are black, dark brown and white. Black and dark brown are generally used on the roots of the eyelashes of the upper eyelid. After use, the effect can visually make the eyes look bigger and more energetic. In our daily life, after using the eyeliner, we can use a cotton swab to gently smudge the finished eyeliner. This will make the eyes look more natural and more charming. White eyeliner is generally used on the lower eyelid to brighten up the eyes and make the eyes look brighter.

Pay attention to when using eyeliner:

1. When drawing the eyeliner, look down lightly, then gently lift the eyelid with your left hand and draw along the root of the eyelashes. It is easier to apply the color in a zigzag pattern several times, so don't worry.

2. The best choice for the eyeliner in daily life is dark brown, dark gray or black. Except for special makeup needs, don't choose too colorful colors. Colors that are too colorful will not match the color of the pupils and are easier to make mistakes.

3. When choosing an eyeliner, try to choose a refill with moderate hardness. A refill that is too hard is easy to damage the eyelids, and a refill that is too soft is easier to faint.