Magical eyeliner pen, so that eyeliner zero error!


Cat's eye blurred eyes are every beauty girls want to have, but the eyeliner pen is very easy to destroy your elaborate for a long time makeup. But learned to practice more natural and smoothly, and the more the better painting !! quickly follow me to learn!


Step1: First, prepare a small transparent plastic, cut a short paragraph, will be repeated in the back of the hand adhesive several times, in order to reduce its viscosity and reduce the skin around the fragile skin damage.


Step2: After the transparent adhesive in the eye next to the location shown in Figure, then be careful not to eyelashes and hair sticky.


Step3: with little fingers on the cheek, to prevent jitter, from the middle of the eye near the eyelashes began to draw with the eyeliner to the end of the eye pen to describe.


Step4: End of the eye is drawn from the end of the eye has been extended to the transparent plastic office, and then your transparent plastic edge as a ruler, along the ruler portrayed. Eyeliner lines have to draw more fine, so naturally.


Step5: gently remove the transparent plastic from the moment!


Step6: from the middle of the eye to the direction of the first eye next, the remaining eyeliner filled, is still starting from the middle of the eye, eyeliner is still more and more fine. And then fill the gap between eyelashes and eyeliner, you can also draw a line on the inside, double to enlarge the eyes.


Step7: To maintain the overall is slowly from the eye to the end of the eye to expand, to draw a slight upward feeling, the end of the triangle region to fill.


Carry out!

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