Magical eyeliner pen, so eyeliner zero mistakes


Eyeliner pen for beginners make-up girls, hard to manage, but it is most suitable for beginners to use. Make your eye makeup more natural, make the eyes more beautiful and moving. Cats eyes blurred like every beauty girl want to have, but eyeliner pen is very easy to ruin you elaborate for a long time makeup. But learned, practice more smoothly, but the more the better painting. quickly learn it.
Step1: First, prepare a small transparent plastic, after a short cut, stick it several times on the back of the hand in order to reduce its stickiness and reduce the damage to the fragile skin around the eyes.

Step2: After the transparent adhesive in the eye position as shown, then be careful not to stick the eyelashes and hair.

Step3: With a small finger on the cheek, to prevent jitter, eyelashes from the middle of the eye began to draw near, with the liner pen to the end of the eye to draw.

Step4: The end of the eye painting is from the end of the eye has been extended to the transparent plastic, and then your transparent plastic edge as a ruler, along the ruler. Eyeliner lines should be painted thinner, so it is natural.

Step5: Gently peel off the clear plastic from the moment.

Step6: From the middle of the eye toward the direction of the eye Next, the remaining eyelids are filled, still starting from the middle of the eye, the eyeliner is still getting smaller and thinner. Then fill the gap between the eyelashes and eyelids, you can also draw on an eyeliner, double enlarged eyes.

Step7: To keep the whole is slowly expanding from the eyes to the end of the eye, to draw a slight rise in feeling, eye triangle area to be filled. Quickly pick up eyeliner pen practice it!