Liquid eyeliner specific usage


Have called the beauty tools, is to allow you to get a better beauty results. Beauty skin care experts suggest that the current liquid eyeliner, it's makeup effect than the traditional eyeliner better, but the use of liquid eyeliner is a trick. The following is a specific introduction of the correct usage of liquid eyeliner.
Pick up the liquid eyeliner first, close to the roots of eyelashes for a detailed depiction, and remember to fill the gaps in the inner eyelid.
The second paragraph you want to be a charming family, then you need to point the effort outside the corner of the eye. Strengthen the outline of the outer corner of the eye, let our eye end showing a feeling of rising. Then we need to use dark eye shadow to cover part of our eyeliner, blooming.
The third part of the eyeliner eyeliner need to rise naturally, forming an inverted triangle shape, and then bold eyeliner, make eye makeup more obvious.