Liquid-Eyeliner Brush Eyeliner


Eyeliner brush strokes out of eyeliner, colorful, easy to take off makeup; and use, the pen smoothly. More prominent point is that most of the eyeliner pen tip is relatively thin, repeatedly painted difficult to control the thickness of eyeliner lines. If you want to use eyeliner, make-up beginners suitable for stiff eyeliner pen, because it is easier to grasp. Need to be reminded that eyeliner pen can not draw a smoky effect, also can not make a sense of blooming layering. Therefore, the eyeliner pen for makeup level general population.
Eyeliner pencil eyeliner, shape similar to pencil, pencil sharpener or knife can be used to cut excess wood parts. Compared to eyeliner pen, eyeliner easy to color, easy to control the color, easy to blooming. In general, make-up beginners suitable for using eyeliner pencil eyeliner, pencil eyeliner because the pen is relatively soft, not easy to hurt vulnerable skin. To be upgraded makeup skills, and then use other eyeliner tools more suitable. However, before drawing eyeliner, to apply a powder in the eyeliner, you can easily solve the problem of eyelination.

Generally can use more than 3 months. However, in order to good eyes, 4 months without running out will have to change one, will breed bacteria.