Is eyebrow pencil? Other uses of eyebrow pencil


Is eyebrow pencil a pencil
No, the pencil lead is made of graphite and clay, while the eyebrow pencil is made of pigment and oil wax. The pigment is responsible for coloring, and the oil wax is the base for adjusting the hardness. But pencil only by friction to leave color, it is difficult to use it to color the skin.

Other uses of eyebrow pencil
1. Thrush
The brow drawn with the brown eyebrow pencil is more natural and harmonious, and it can also be determined according to the shade of the make-up. At the same time, the coffee eyebrow pencil is more suitable for the blue eyebrow shape adjustment after eyebrow failure.
2. Nasal profile
After playing the background color, draw two vertical lines on both sides of the nasal alar. Determine the size of the vertical line according to the size of the bridge of the nose, and then dye it with the middle finger halo to form a natural nasal profile, so as to highlight the height of the nasal bridge and make the nasal bone look straight and straight.
3. eye liner
For people with large eyes, black eyeliner will make eyes look fierce, and the effect of choosing coffee is better. However, people who do not get good sleep will not try.
4. eye shadow
Add a thick Eyeshadow over the upper eyeliner and use a cotton swab or finger to gently blot to form a natural brown eye shadow.
Is eyebrow pencil soft or hard
The texture of eyebrow pencil can be divided into soft and hard, which is mainly determined by the content of oil wax. Soft texture products have higher oil wax content, smoother skin contact and more convenient coloring. But for oily skin with serious oily skin, it is easier to take off makeup. So when choosing texture, consider skin texture. Products with hard refill have greater friction on skin, so sensitive skin should be carefully selected.