Is eyebrow pencil divided into men and women


Is eyebrow pencil divided into men and women
The eyebrow pencil can be used by both male and female students. However, if some boys want the necessary strong lines, they can choose a hard eyebrow brush to brush their eyebrows. If the girls are skilled in makeup, it is a better experience to use a soft eyebrow brush to draw eyebrows.
What skill does novice draw eyebrow to have
1. First comb the eyebrows in order, take care of them in one direction, dip the eyebrow powder with the eyebrow broom, and sweep them evenly.
2. The novice can use the eyebrow powder to draw the outline slowly, and sketch the shape of the eyebrow bit by bit, and the eyebrow tail can be sketched with a slightly deeper eyebrow powder. After sketching, use the eyebrow pencil to properly fill the eyebrows.
3. From the eyebrow to the eyebrow slowly, and then the eyebrow tail from the eyebrow peak to draw down, do not rub back and forth with a pen, after sketching, use the eyebrow sweep from the eyebrow peak to the eyebrow to move the color of the eyebrow naturally
4. Finally, sweep the shape of eyebrows with a rolling sweep.
What kind of face is suitable for what kind of eyebrow
1. The biggest feature of rhombus face is that there is no line sense on the face, which gives people a more stiff feeling. So the meteor eyebrow with radian just can be soft and stiff.
2. Round face with high eyebrow, the biggest advantage of high eyebrow is to weaken the feeling of flesh face, and most girls with round face want to make their face look thinner.