Introduction and function of Eyeliner Pen


Eyeliner, is a kind of makeup products, used to deepen and highlight the eye's makeup effect, so that the eyes look big and God. It looks like a pencil. Special pencil sharpeners or knives can be used to remove excess wood and improve the thickness of the pen head.

EyeLinerPencil is divided into two types: pencil type and automatic pencil type. It is very soft around the eyes. Some of the slightly stiff Eyeliner has a long time of makeup effect, deep color, can be used to elongate the eye tail, often used in drama and stage make-up. Most eyeliner is a powder texture, because the ingredients and texture are similar to eyebrow pencil, so some manufacturers combine eyebrow pencil with Eyeliner (or eyeliner and eye shadow pen) for dual-purpose.

Waterproof Eyeliner
The eyeliner is made of high quality material formula, with smooth touch, fine texture, excellent coloring ability, long lasting color, and no easy to take off makeup. The strokes are gentle and meticulous, and the strokes of the strokes are elegantly depicted, or thick or woven, or exaggerated or meticulous. Different combinations and different hand techniques are used to outline the lasting, new and perfect eye liner effect, so that the eye can shine more brilliantly. Enchanting

After finishing the eyeliner, use cotton swab to make it feel faint, so the eye looks more natural and charming.