How to use the silkworm eye shadow pen?


How to use the silkworm eye shadow pen?
Double headed lying silkworm pen is the cosmetics that Han makeup has to mention. If you want a cute lying silkworm pen, you can't do without this double headed lying silkworm pen! Let's learn the usage of double headed lying silkworm pen!
Cute and innocent sleeping silkworm makeup has been widely praised. Today, I use a double headed sleeping silkworm pen to draw a sleeping silkworm. It looks like my eyes are smiling all the time~
The first step: first of all, we use brown eye shadow to draw the foundation eye makeup, brown eyeliner paste inside and outside the eye liner, eye tail along the direction of natural extension of a little longer.
Step 2: draw the position of lying silkworm with brown head first, laugh first, and then compare the position you want. If you feel unnatural, you can faint a little with your fingers.
Step 3: the white one, gently brighten it on the head of the eye and along the root of the lower eyelashes. If you want a more natural feeling, you can press it slightly with your fingers.