How to use the drawing eyebrow pencil


Why does eyebrow pencil have a thread
This thread can peel off the eyebrow pencil. The more the line is drawn, the shorter the eyebrow pencil will be. However, because the core of the guyed eyebrow pencil is relatively thick, if you want to make a good eyebrow or want the eyebrow to be more delicate, it is recommended to cut the core of the eyebrow pencil with a knife.


How to use the drawing eyebrow pencil
1. Clamp the root of the thread with the same small tweezers
2. Pull in the opposite direction of winding
3. After tearing off, tear off the winding package on the surface by hand
4. Trim the eyebrow pencil with a knife


How to deal with emergencies without eyebrow pencil
1. Eyebrow powder
When there is no eyebrow pencil, you can use eyebrow powder to draw eyebrows directly.
2. eye shadow
Eye shadow can be used as eyebrow powder. The texture of eye shadow and eyebrow powder is very similar, and there are many overlaps in color, so eye shadow is also acceptable as brow powder.

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