How to use eyeliner


Eyeliner is some natural essential makeup cosmetics, with the angle of brush smudge can make the eye shape natural God, can also be replaced with a dark eye shadow powder. In fact, the biggest advantage of using eyeliner is the change of space is very large, you can write to control the intensity of overlapping color or shade. Although the upper and lower eye liner can be painted, but the overall performance is still dominated by nature. In the first pen to write, on the back of the hand painted several times, after the draw uniform coloring in the eyelash at.
Do not emphasize the natural end of eye liner and width, make eye outline more clearly, the feeling is more "eyes" painting the natural eye liner technique is not difficult, only need to prepare a coffee, black or black eyeliner, based on point, by the end of the eye along the eyelash root to eye head, and then the "point" into the "line", is a better eye liner. Can not change the eye shape, but also make appropriate adjustments and emphasis on the eyes. In the color, if not particularly want to emphasize the eye effect, may wish to use black eyeliner, make eyes look more flexible and moving, eye cream can also use similar methods eyeliner. The upper eye line is drawn from the eye to the eye, and slightly upward at the end of the eye. Under the eye liner, from the eye end to the eye head light sweep.