How to Use Eyeliner Pencil Packaging for Eyeliner


For many people, the most difficult to grasp the makeup pen I am afraid to a few eye pen. First of all, because the use of eyeliner pencil packaging and the location of the eye is very close, often people do not dare to start. Second, because for different eyes (single eyelids and double eyelids), the use of eyeliner techniques will be relatively different. Especially for single eyelid girls, if you can use the eyeliner correctly, not only can enhance the beauty of the eye, but also allow the eyes to distribute a unique charm.

Eyeliner pencil, is a kind of make-up products, used to deepen and highlight the eye makeup effect, so that the eyes look big and God. Similar shape pencil. You can use a special pencil sharpener or knife to remove excess wood parts, but also to improve the thickness of the pen.

Have beautiful eyelid girls of course very lucky, because they use the eyeliner program is not complicated. If the double eyelid crush also has a thick eyelashes, in the life of makeup can even avoid the steps to draw eyeliner, as long as the brush mascara, eyes will be shiny. Before using the eyeliner, first open the upper and lower eyelids, with a clean cotton swab stickers to gently wipe the upper and lower eyelid parts, remove the dust particles may be stained in these parts. And then use the eyeliner pen down the lower eyelid cover from the head to the tail, gently depict; after the eyes look down, the same eyeliner in the upper eyelid cover from the head to the corner of the eye.

For single eyelid girls, the role of eyeliner is even more important. Whether it is life makeup or participate in the exaggerated shape of the party, single eyelid crush can use eyeliner to create outstanding makeup.

In the life of makeup, single eyelid girls can be very light to describe the eyeliner. Drawing the same and double eyelid girls the same, but the last step is very critical, eyeliner strokes to the eye outside the corner slightly out of some. Such a small move can make the original relatively small eyes look rich.

Will draw eyeliner is very important, but more important is to choose the most suitable for their own eyeliner pencil. So girls have to seriously buy their own needs eyeliner pencil.