How to use eyeliner


The first step in using eyeliner is to shake the body of the eyeliner and shake the liquid evenly.
After drawing out the brush head of the eyeliner, scrape off the excess eyeliner to make the thickness of the eyeliner uniform.
The pen body that is covered with eyeliner is easy to get on the eyelids. The liquid on the eyeliner dries quickly and it is difficult to clean it.
For those who first try eyeliner, they can draw a few strokes on the back of the hand and become familiar with the drawing of the eyeliner.
From the 1/3 of the corner of the eye, draw an eyeliner and create an eye-catching effect.
Apply the lashes slowly to the corner of the eye from the top of the eyeliner, and sharpen the line at the end of the eye.
The under eye liner is easy to faint, so it is necessary to pounce on the powder to prevent the liquid eyeliner from becoming open.
If you touch your face, wipe away any excess liquid immediately with a damp cloth or a corner of a tissue.