How to use eyebrow thrush


Make sure the eyebrows are in different positions. On this basis, drawing eyebrows can make you more outstanding.
1, first determine the approximate position of the eyes
In "position, with eyebrow pencil draw head shaped mark. Gently painted on what you think is "near it, not very precise position.
2, from the eyebrow eyebrow tail direction, a little painted
Eyebrow tail depicting the direction of lateral line along the Mei Feng, eyebrow pencil from the inside to the outside of a gently moving. Compared to a stroke, a little bit more is easier to write with a rewritten short line.
3. Link the upper margin line and draw the middle part
From the distance from the brow 1cm to the position just marked, the upper edge line of the eyebrows is connected. The eyebrows as skin, with a little force brush paint, finishing eyebrow.
4, toward the direction of the bridge of the nose, and gently smear the brow part
Brow color to thin, along the direction toward the nose painted. Qingou eyebrow touch like drawing effect is more natural. Brow color itself is dense, people can not frown.
5, clever use eyebrow brush, will be outside edge line halo dye open.
With the eyebrow brush eyebrows on the side of the edge along the line, from the brow, eyebrow eyebrow tail direction, gently slide, do not force too much, it will make the edge of the Buddha lines disappear completely.
6, the color of eyebrow pencil and eyebrow color.
Finally, the overall eyebrow color and mix thoroughly. The front part of the use of eyebrow brush, hair roots from the next stand on tips. At this point, the force must be light, do not get rid of all the coloring.log on to our official website for more details: