How to use eyebrow pencil


Eyebrow pencil is an indispensable artifact to modify eyebrow shape. However, for some small white beauties, it is a difficult thing to roll eyebrows. If you want to draw eyebrows in a three-dimensional way, you really need to do some homework. How do you use the eyebrow pencil? The next 6 steps, eyebrows easy to draw out!
First, determine the approximate position of the eyebrow peak: at the position of the eyebrow peak, gently draw a "ヘ" shape with an eyebrow pencil as a mark. Gently draw in the area you think is the eyebrow peak, the position is not very accurate.
Second, from the eyebrow peak to the eyebrow tail direction, point by point drawing: along the eyebrow peak to eyebrow tail direction to draw the outside line, eyebrow pen from inside to outside gently move. A little bit of rewriting is easier to draw than a stroke.
Third, link the upper edge line and draw the middle part: connect the upper edge line of eyebrow from 1cm to the position just marked. Take the eyebrows as the skin, and use a little more force to paint and arrange the eyebrow shape.
Fourth, toward the bridge of the nose light smear eyebrow part: eyebrow color should be thin, along the direction toward the bridge of the nose. It is more natural to touch with the eyebrow pen. People with thick eyebrows can do without painting.
Fifth, use eyebrow brush to dye the outer edge line. Use the eyebrow brush to slide the edge line on the upper side of the eyebrow along the direction from eyebrow, eyebrow peak to eyebrow tail. Do not use too much force, or the edge line will disappear completely.
Sixth, the color of eyebrow pencil and eyebrow color should be integrated.