How to use eyebrow pencil to repair facial appearance


Guide: lipstick can be applied to lips as well as blush. So can eyebrow pencil repair? The following is a look at the specific steps of eyebrow pencil.
Can eyebrow pencil repair your face
Generally speaking, it is not recommended to use eyebrow pencil, because the effect of eyebrow pencil is not good, or use professional cosmetic products best!
The methods of eyebrow pencil are as follows
Use the brush to get the matte earth color eye shadow and draw lines in the AB two area (also can be painted directly with eyebrow pencil).
The use of color contrast, so that the nose of the root and bridge of the nose in the visual position appears tall.
If you use a brush and eye shadow to repair your hair, change a clean brush and brush it to the alar direction. If it is a direct eyebrow brush painting, you can use the beauty egg or finger belly to push the color to the nose wing direction.
In addition to the effect of heightening on both sides of the nose, you can also paint the color in the middle of the two nostrils (as shown in the figure below). The color can be drawn in a larger area, but remember to press the obvious edge with your finger, so that when you lift your head, the round nose will be retracted! (as shown in the picture below)
Super easy, just need eyebrow pencil!
How to change the replacement core of eyebrow pencil
1. Ready to replace the core, replacement core can be bought online, it will be much cheaper than buying a new eyebrow pencil.
2. A part of the eyebrow pencil is to directly pull out the upper part of the used eyebrow pencil. There are still some need to turn left or right one turn, and then pull out.
3. In the end, it's easy to insert the pen into the eyebrow core.