How to Use Eyebrow Pencil Rightly


Eyebrow pencils are just one of several cosmetics meant to enhance the appearance and fullness of the wearer's eyebrows. Like other eyebrow cosmetics, when an individual wants to apply eyebrow pencil, he or she must begin by picking a color that blends in naturally with the eyebrow's original color. The wearer should attempt to apply the pencil in strokes that look as realistic as possible, avoiding hard lines that stand out too much. Individuals who have difficulty trying to apply eyebrow pencil should consider other alternatives, such as powders or gels.

The color of the eyebrow pencil should roughly match the natural shade of an individual's eyebrow. Choosing a pencil, one shade lighter is also acceptable and may help highlight the brow area, but a shade that is too light will leave the eyebrow looking sparse. Shades that are too dark, on the other hand, will make the eyebrow color appear artificial, causing the brow to steal the focus away from the rest of the individual's face.

The eyebrow area must be groomed before an individual starts to apply eyebrow pencil. Any hairs that fall outside the preferred outline or shape of the brow should be removed with tweezers. In addition, the pencil itself must be prepared prior to application. Pencils that are not sharpened to a fine point will be difficult to apply and may cause the lines to look unnecessarily thick and unnatural.

Individuals should apply eyebrow pencil starting at the inside corner of the brow, nearest the nose. As they apply the pencil, they must use short, soft strokes to fill in the bare spots throughout the brow until they reach the outermost corner. These strokes must match the direction and angle of the natural eyebrow hairs in order to blend in. Most people draw using an upward motion while holding the pencil nearly vertical. The strokes can be somewhat heavier along the lower edge of the brow.

As the goal is to apply eyebrow pencil in such a way that it seems the eyebrow has not been artificially enhanced, some additional guidelines should be followed. In order to create a natural look, the wearer should avoid drawing a straight, hard line along the length of the brow, opting instead for individual strokes, as described above. A light touch should be used in particular on the inside of the brow, since a strongly-colored inner brow tends to create an angry look.

Once an individual finishes penciling in the brow, he or she should blend the strokes together by lightly running a fingertip from the inside to the outside of the brow. If too much color was applied to any portion of the brow, an individual can lighten the effect by carefully brushing away the excess using a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover. Running an eyebrow brush through the brow also helps remove excess color while blending the strokes together for a more natural appearance.