How to use eyebrow pen


1. To trim eyebrows, the first step of eyebrows is, of course, trimming eyebrows. No matter how they are painted, they will not look very good, so first trim the eyebrows into a clean shape.
2. First of all, from the top of the study, use the nose tip of eyebrow pen with 1 mm line, draw a natural arc from the eyebrow to the eyebrow tail. To follow their eyebrow, oh, this will be more natural.
3. Still use a 1 mm line with the tip of the pen, along the lower edge of the eyebrow, draw a line connecting the eyebrow and the eyebrow tail.
4. Fill in the color at the beginning. Hold the eyebrow pencil on the side. Fill in the color of the eyebrow center with the side of the eyebrow pencil quietly. Remember that the eyebrows are light and the eyebrows are dark.
5. Sweep the whole eyebrow with an eyebrow brush and dizzy it to make it more natural.