How to use eyebrow pen to draw eyebrows


1. Sharp Angle Description
After we take out an eyebrow pen, we will find that this eyebrow pen has some characteristics, and there will be some pointed parts in front of the eyebrow pen, and the latter belongs to the relatively flat area. So we can use the pointed angle of the eyebrow pen to describe our eyebrows and generalize them. Line out.
2. Wide Face Filling
Compared with our eyebrow shape, we can use the brow pencil's wider side to fill the middle position of the eyebrow shape. However, there is a small point we need to pay attention to, that is, to press the eyebrow pen in the direction of their eyebrows, from their eyebrows slowly to their eyebrows, and the wide side must be drawn.
3. Attention should be paid to the eyebrows and tails
When we use the brow pen to draw our eyebrows, especially when we reach the end of the brow, we must pay attention to it and quietly put it back. In this way, we can leave a lighter tail in the end of the brow. So we say that after we finish drawing our eyebrows, then we can go on. Take it outside quietly so that you can draw a brow and tail.
4. Eyebrow Brush
Now, there are many eyebrow brushes attached to the other end of the eyebrow brush, so after we use the eyebrow brush, we can use the other end of the eyebrow brush, to brush their entire eyebrow, from the position of their eyebrows slowly toward their eyebrow tail, and then after brushing their eyebrows, you can let their entire eyebrow. The hair looks natural. Therefore, after each eyebrow painting, we should brush our eyebrows.
In the process of eyebrow thrushing, there are some local needs to pay attention to the position of eyebrow or eyebrow peak, or even the position of eyebrow tail. We should pay attention to these small points, we can use the sharp corner of eyebrow pen to describe, so that we can draw some curvature, so let's say this. After some drawings, the whole eyebrow shape is fixed.