How to use eyebrow pen to draw eyebrows quickly and beautifully?


Eyebrow shape has a special influence on the beauty value. If a beautiful person draws the wrong eyebrow shape, it will become ugly. Therefore, a friend who loves beauty still needs to learn some skills of eyebrow drawing. So we know how to use an eyebrow pencil to draw eyebrows quickly and beautifully?

Did we find that some stars change their eyebrows just like they change their faces? That's how their looks have risen all the way. This shows that it's really important to draw a pair of beautiful eyebrows. Therefore, friends who can't draw eyebrows should hurry to learn how to draw eyebrows.
1. Now we draw a structure at the eyebrow. The shape of this structure depends on our preference. Here we take the high eyebrows in Europe and America as an example. Let's draw a diagonal line under the eyebrows now.
2. After drawing, we will draw the parallel line of the line just above the eyebrow, which is two-thirds of its length. The blank part is drawn down and intersects with the line below.
3. After we draw the structure, we will sharpen the eyebrow pen, and then fill the whole eyebrow with its slope. When filling, we should pay attention to the weight, such as the eyebrow is lighter and the eyebrow peak is heavier.
4. After filling, we use the eyebrow brush to brush the eyebrows, especially the eyebrows, so as to make the eyebrows look natural and beautiful.