How to Use an Eyebrow Pencil


Well-shaped eyebrows will show your facial features and make your eyes attractive. When you want to show yourself, the well-shaped eyebrows will bring your point across by adding more expression to your face. You can have your eyebrows shaped at nail salons, beauty salons or professional eyebrow shaping salons. Whether you choose waxing, threading or tweezing, you risk ending up with the wrong eyebrow shape. You can take control by shaping your own eyebrows.

How to get satisfied length of eyebrows

You can use a brow pencil to add the length of your eyebrows if you have naturally short eyebrows. Typically, when shopping for an eyebrow pencil, look for one as close to your natural color as possible; however, when in doubt, go slightly darker. You can always darken your existing brows to match the added length. Once you have your color, knowing the right way to lengthen your lashes is beneficial so the added length looks natural, not fake.

Brush your eyebrows upward to create a clean line before you add additional length. You should pluck your eyebrows once a week. Remove any stray hairs by plucking or waxing them away. This will give you a polished arch. Fill in the eyebrow to add length. Using short, rapid strokes, fill in the area between the natural end of your eyebrow to the area you marked with the eyebrow dot. The added length should taper into a blunt point once you reach the end.

As much as we might wish that we were born with gorgeous eyebrows that are full and accentuate our eyes and face perfectly and never get unruly that is probably not the case. An eyebrow pencil can assist us if we want have a well-shaped eyebrows.

How To Use Eyebrow Pencil

Make sure that the eyebrow pencil is a good color that complements and blends with the natural color of your eyebrows and won't look fake. You should make sure that the eyebrow pencil is nice and sharp and has a good point.

Starting at the thickest part of your eyebrows, closest to your nose, make short, wispy strokes with the eyebrow pencil in the bare spots of your eyebrows.

Work your way to the opposite end of your eyebrow that is furthest away from your nose. This area is tricky to do. There is more room for error due to the sparseness of hairs at the end of the eyebrow so a steady hand is necessary.

Take your fingertip, press lightly on the top of your eyebrow and run your fingertip from the thickest part to the thinnest part after you have drawn wispy strokes through your entire eyebrow This will blend in the eyebrow pencil lines and make your brows look more natural.