How to use a makeup highlight pen


1. Cleaning: Choose a facial cleanser suitable for your skin to wash your face. 2. Moisturizing: According to their own skin quality, choose the appropriate moisturizer. For example, skin toner and skin softener. 3, skin care: choose the cream that is suitable for yourself. That's what used to be called liniment. Of course, if you have conditions, you can apply some cream and other skin care products before applying the cream. 4, makeup before milk: can quickly improve the skin quality of the emulsion, such as oil emulsion, pure white milk, moisturizing milk, silk milk and so on. Usually, you will choose a fine pore effect of cosmetic isolation: according to your preferences, choose frost or isolation dew, can isolate makeup, radiation and so on.

Often faced with computer workers in daily care must not forget this step. 5, repair Yan: can modify their skin color repair cream or foundation. Skin color is dark, choose wheat color; Skin color is yellow, choose lilac; Skin color is white, choose light green. 6. Concealer: use concealer, concealer and cover cream to modify your face according to the condition of your face. Mainly cover black eye circles, acne and other facial defects. For those who want to repaint their eyes, they can also apply some eye cream before concealment. 7, powder: do not think that foundation and powder are the same thing.

The use of powdery bread is to "change" the face shape, not to modify the complexion. When making up, you need at least 2 kinds of powder, a dark color. 8. Makeup fixing: Makeup fixing can use honey powder or powder powder, starting from the eyes, nose, chin and other easy to take off makeup parts. 9, eye: first apply eye shadow, then draw eyeliner and lower eyeliner. 10, eyelash: first use the eyelash curler to lift the eyelash curl up, then use the mascara to lengthen the eyelash. 11. Eyebrows: First use eyebrow powder to adjust eyebrow shape, then use eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil to further modify. Eyebrows are light and dark. 12, blush: using blush to enhance facial appearance, can be applied to the laughing muscles or cheekbones. 13. Lips: First, use the lip line brush to draw the lip outline to adjust the lip shape, and then use lipstick or lipstick to further modify the lip color and brightness.