How to remove makeup from mascara


Girls who used to use big mascara may not feel the trouble of removing mascara. They use warm water to remove makeup, which is too fashionable. If you haven't updated the mascara on the dressing table, then use the make-up remover to clean the eyelashes! It is not very convenient to use a cotton pad to clean it. The more convenient method is to use a cotton swab, then remove the makeup remover, and wipe the eyelashes like mascara.

Mascara remover only use facial cleanser? Fail!

Whether it's lip removal or eye makeup, you should use a special eye and lip makeup remover. It is not OK to use the facial cleanser directly. It is necessary to pay attention to the makeup removal of the eye area.

Remove mascara encyclopedia eyebrows recommended eye Cosmetic Pencils remover water!

You can try Lancome's clear eye makeup remover, and Make Up For Ever's eye soft makeup remover is also good. There is no pressure to remove the mascara. The specific method is to soak the cotton pad in the makeup remover, then gently apply the makeup remover to the eyelashes for a few seconds, then gently wipe the eyes with a cotton pad. Or you can try a cotton swab instead of a cotton pad.