How to remove lipstick in a short time


Lipstick will make your whole person more beautiful and more attractive. But what should I do when I need to eat? Is it to eat the food directly without ignoring the lipstick, or pick up the paper towel and rub it a few times?

In fact, the lipstick will not be completely removed with the wipe of the paper towel, because most lipsticks will add a certain waterproof component in order to maintain durability. So, how do lipsticks remove makeup?

Regarding the method of removing lipstick with cleansing oil/moisture remover, Mawang Encyclopedia will not repeat it. Next, Momnet Encyclopedia will share with you a way to remove lipstick in a short time before meals!

Want to remove lipstick in a short time? Remember to bring your lip balm! Because the basic separation of lip balm does not separate Vaseline and waxy, it is only necessary to apply a layer of lip balm to the lips before meals. After a few seconds, the lipstick can be easily removed. You can choose a lip balm with a little bit of texture oil so that the lipstick dissolves better and faster.