How to properly rub lipstick


The lips of the sleek and Q-bomb are probably the realm that every girl is pursuing! As a lipstick for beauty makeup, I don't think anyone will use it. But Ma Net Encyclopedia still can't help but slap for everyone, rubbing lipstick is actually a fine Cosmetic Pencils work, you need to take care of all parts of your lips. Here's how to share your lipstick.

1. After completing the base work before rubbing the lipstick, use a lip pencil to hook the line according to the contour of your lips;

2. Choose a lip style that suits you. When using a darker lipstick, you can rub a slightly sharper M lip, and when choosing a lighter lipstick color, you can rub a slightly rounded lip;

3. For girls with thicker lower lip, the lower lip should not be too full; but for girls with thinner lower lips, the lower lip can be painted more full, more abundant;

4. Use a paper towel to rub between the upper and lower lips, and then apply a layer.