How to prevent lipstick from getting your teeth


Tip 1: Apply a layer of faint tonal blush

Nowadays, the matte lip gloss is very popular. This method is especially suitable because the blush powder will add a soft misty feeling to the lip gloss. Just choose the same color as the lip gloss, use a small brush to gently brush the lip gloss, especially easy to dip. The inner side of the adhesive can reach the situation of fixing the lipstick and avoiding the tooth.

Tip 2: Set the makeup with honey powder across the face paper

The same principle is used to use blush, which is to help the lip gloss to make up the teeth, but many people worry that using the powder will make the lip gloss white and lose the original color, so we suggested that the paper can be divided into two. A thin layer of powder is applied to the powder, and the pores of the tissue are used to avoid excessive powder, which can achieve the effect of setting makeup.

Tip 3: Cotton swabs lightly brush the inside

Lipsticks that are matte or glossy are suitable for this technique. Using a cotton swab on the inside of the lips and turning the cotton swab to remove the inner China Cosmetic Packaging can effectively reduce the dilemma of the lipstick.