How to prevent eye liner halo dyeing


The following eyebrow manufacturers, Eyeliner manufacturers and nail polish manufacturers to talk about how to prevent eye liner halo dye?
Use Eye Foundation Products
You should know that eye foundation cream can prevent eye shadow from makeup and line up, but it is also very useful for dealing with eye liner halo dyeing. MM can smear some eye base products on the upper and lower eyeliner, and smear them on the root of the eyelash. It's perfectly fine. When you paint the inner liner and the outer eyeliner, you can perfect the oil control and makeup.
Use eye liner Harmonie
On the already painted eye liner, a layer of harmonious fluid will have the effect of Eyeliner raincoat. It will form a protective film to prevent the eyeliner from blooming. At the same time, this kind of diluent can also mix the favorite eye shadow powder, and then it can also be used as an eyeliner.
Cover a line of eye shadow with the same color.
You can also add a layer of eye shadow powder of the same color on the painted eyeliner and play an eye liner effect. This will not only make the eyeliner more durable, but also make the eyeliner look more gentle and natural. Assuming that you are still not at ease, you can use the harmonious liquid before mixing the eye shadow powder and then use the eye liner brush to superimpose on the painted eye liner. Such multiple protection will surely satisfy you.
Eyeliner products using waterproof and anti halo dyes
In fact, the best way is to use the eyeliner with anti halo. It is a good choice and saves energy and convenience. Of course, it is assumed that the combination of Waterproof Eyeliner and anti makeup skills will result in better results and better durability.