How to paint lip makeup with thick lips


How do you paint your lips with thick lips? A slightly thicker lip looks sexy, but if the lips are too thick, it will lose its beauty. How can a girl with thick lips paint her lip makeup? Xiaobian shares the technique of painting lip makeup for you. Girls with thick lips want to make makeup beautiful, let's learn about the paintings of these two different lip makeups.

The thick lips are actually very suitable for creating a gradient lips, because the edges of the lips should be faded, only the lipstick in the middle, so the lips will look smaller.First use a concealer to apply the foundation and apply the concealer to the entire lips. The position of the edges should be smeared, so that the borders don't look so obvious.Choose a matte-colored lipstick, apply it to the middle of your lips, then use your lip brush to brush it on both sides. The light color is fine.

In addition to the gradient lip, there is a way to make the mouth look smaller. When painting the lip makeup, first draw the lip shape with the lip liner, the position of the corner of the mouth should be slightly elongated, and the lips will look smaller.

Feel that your lips are thick, you can draw the lip line a little inside, do not follow the original lip shape. Of course, it is also necessary to first fade the edge of the lips, so that it will not be very strange.