How to make up quickly


How to make up quickly
1. Bottom decoration milk
With the bean size of the point on the face, smear evenly on it. It should be noted that it must not be used much. The green and blue bottom dressing has a good covering effect and is suitable for people with spots or other defects.
Purple bottom cream is more suitable for Oriental yellow skin. White bottom dressing is more suitable for transparent makeup.
2. Foundation solution
Double the amount of the base cream evenly applied to the face. It should be noted that the eyes, hair and forehead at the junction should also be evenly daubed. Otherwise, people will see you make up at a glance.
3. Concealer cream or concealer.
You can use a small brush gently around the defect. This foundation does not need to be beaten too thick, it can also cover spot blain. Another use is to apply concealer to double brows to nose 1/3 and under the eyes. In this way, it can not only cover the dark circles, but also play a role in brightening.

4, powdery cake
If you have finished the above three steps, your makeup has reached the desired effect, the fourth step can be dispensed with the powder, and the powder can be directly dispersed to achieve the brightening effect. Gently pat the face with powder puff, pay attention to even powder, and also pay attention to the bare part of the head should be powder, look more energetic, to achieve the effect of makeup.
5. Loose powder
As long as you gently put a layer of powder on it. Pay attention to the junction of the face and neck. Reminder: Japan's foundation is transparent. The foundation of South Korea pays much attention to covering effect. You can choose your cosmetics according to your needs.
6, Eyeliner
Using the eyeliner to draw a smooth eye liner along the root of the eyelash, it can magnify the eyes. So eyeliner, even if the time is more urgent, eyeliner is definitely not less.
7. Lip modification
Note that the lip gloss should not be applied to the whole mouth, which looks like it was not applied after eating. In the middle of the lip on the lip color, and then a sip, the effect will be better. To complete the above steps, a simple quick hand makeup is done. Is it very convenient and quick?