How to make up big eyes and usage of white Eyeliner


Every beautiful woman wants to have a pair of bright, watery eyes. In order to magnify the eyes, the black and black eyeliner can be used to outline the eyes. However, the makeup effect is not satisfactory. Instead, we choose the unexpected white eye pencil when drawing the eyeliner, but the effect is magnified.

Speaking of painting eyeliner, I believe that many beauties who love makeup are all fans of cat's eye makeup. However, when you finish painting, you will find that the radian of both sides is not symmetrical enough, or it is a mistake, so that the eyeliner is too upside down or peaceful. At this time, you can choose to use the transparent adhesive tape, adjust the arc you want, put it on the end of the eye, draw the eyeliner again, and tear it off after you finish painting. A perfect pair of cat eyeliner.
Some beauty lips often peel, or too many dead skin, so that the lip color is dark and dull. Then you can apply lip balm to the lips, then gently brush the lips with a soft toothbrush, so that the dead skin will be easily removed.
For office beauties, when the eye makeup is painted in the morning, the eyeliner will begin to spend in the afternoon, and the lower eyelid will be blooming. In order to make the eye makeup more durable and do not take off makeup, you can sweep the powder under the lower eyelid to prevent the dizzy staining.
There are many girls who respond that their eyelashes just curled up soon start to fall down again. Here's a makeup technique taught by the editor. You can use a hair dryer to heat the eyelashes for 3 to 5 seconds before the eyelashes are clipped, and then the eyelashes will curl up more and last longer.