How to identify the pros and cons of cosmetic samples


Whether it is women or men, cosmetics are used, which has led to the development of the industry. Since there are many manufacturers and the materials used are different, they may cut corners. For buyers, it will seriously affect profits. Need to know some tips for identifying templates.

Identify cosmetic samples:

1. Makeup pen tube manufacturer introduces the composition: When the manufacturer provides the sample, it is called to provide relevant ingredients, to see what ingredients are included, the ingredients are the conditions for distinguishing a product, some of which are also used for marketing. point. So you need to pay attention.

2. Look at the touch: absorption speed and product reputation. The more purely non-hazardous products, the more delicate the touch and the faster the skin absorbs.

3. Silver jewelry detection method: safe whitening, the main components of the spot removal products are arbutin and vitamin C, etc., such products can only slowly and gradually improve the skin. Most of the so-called products that can effectively whiten and remove spots contain lead and mercury compounds. If they are used for a long time, they may cause chronic poisoning. So when buying whitening and spotting products, use a silver jewelry that you carry with you to take a small amount of skin care products, and keep a few minutes on the white paper after a few minutes.

4. Makeup pen tube manufacturers introduce PH test paper test method: human skin is weakly acidic, so only weak acid skin care products can effectively protect the skin. When purchasing skin care products, apply a small amount of product to the PH test paper. After a few minutes, compare the test paper color card. If the product is alkaline, it is not suitable for use.