How to Get Sexy Eyebrows


It is essential for eyebrows in the makeup world now. Learning how to define and shape your eyebrow can be a great tool for framing your face. With all the hype surrounding full brows, it can be intimidating to know which products to use or where to start. Luckily for you, with this trend, natural is better, and you can easily master the art of defining your brows. With a few choice products and some simple steps, you'll be on your way to having nice brows in no time. You can get sexy brows after following the proper tips.

Brush your eyebrows with the eyebrow brush, to make sure you are looking at your natural brow shape.

Mark three lines in each eyebrow area to create a template for hair removal. Draw the first line with the light makeup pencil directly up from the inner corner of the eye just past the eyebrow.

Draw the second line in a forty-five degree angle - a diagonal line - from the outer corner of the eye upward, just past the end of the eyebrow.

Create the third line by lining up the center of the eye with the arch, drawing the line from just above the eyelid upward through the natural arch of the brow. Do this process on the other eyebrow again.

Mark the high points of the arch with the pencil. Do so on both the underside and top of the brow.

Connect the lines with the arch high-points to create a full outline of how your brow should look once shaped. The inner edge of the brow should be a short line near a half-to-one whole centimeter in width. The outer edge of the brow should meet in a tapered point.

Tweeze all of the hair above the nose, in between the two lines marking in inner edges of each brow. Pull the skin taut with a finger when tweezing to minimize discomfort and make hairs easier to grab.

Tweeze all off the hair above the brow that is outside of the penciled lines. Tweeze all of the hair under the arch that is outside of the lines.

You should tweeze the hair at the end of the brow which is over the penciled-in point.

Accentuate the arch with an eyebrow pencil. Lightly fill in any sparse areas of the brow with the pencil, as well.


Use an eyebrow color that is no more than one shade lighter or darker than your natural hair color.

You should select a brown eyebrow color if you are redheads.

Always draw in the brow shape and size, with a white eyeliner pencil, before you begin tweezing. This will help prevent excess hair removal.