How to even inside the eyeliner


Fill the gap between the eyelashes .Very patient step, the eyes to maintain the usual, and then gently lift the eyelids, along the roots of the eyelashes, but the black eyeliner eyelash to fill the gap, to be very detailed Oh!

Inner eyeliner.Continue to use the eyeliner just painted eyeliner, to be super careful, after all, from the eye too close, too impatient, then it may get the eye Oh!

Eyeliner.Dipped in some eyeliner paste, and then along the roots of the eyelashes 1-2mm out to draw a thin eyeliner, and then in the end of the eye outside the stretch of about 3mm, this can play the effect of elongated eyes, so that the eyes look Go up more of the big and the spirit.

White eye shadow.With a small head of the sea dipped in some white eye shadow, and then painted in the eye of the eyeliner above, so you can easily create a looming feeling.

Eyeliner Brush.With an eyeliner brush dipped in a thin layer of black eyeliner, along the end of the eye to the direction of the eye, in the lower eyelid eye 1/3 to draw the upper and lower eyeliner. Need to pay attention to the point is from the end of the eye to the direction of the eye slowly dodge eyeliner color.

Pearl eye shadow.The last step is on some white pearl eye shadow, gently hit the eyes, you can play the role of magnifying glasses, eye makeup more water more beautiful.log in to our website for more details :