How to draw outer eyeliner to avoid being covered by eyelids


Drawing eyeliner has always been called the key and difficult point in the makeup process, because there are many types of eyeliner and are affected by different eye shapes. Choose one of the eye shapes as an example to show you how to draw the outer eyeliner. At the same time let you know about different techniques and precautions for drawing eyeliner.

I knew that the eyes of double eyelids are more beautiful from a long time ago. Today, drawing eyeliner is also the choice of many double eyelid beauties, because this will make the eyes more attractive, and you can adjust your eye shape through the line of the eyeliner. Because many beautiful women in the inner pair found that after drawing eyeliner, once they opened their eyes, the eyeliner disappeared. So how can the inner double eyeliner draw the outer eyeliner so that the eyelid is not covered?

The outer eyeliner is drawn from the root of the eyelashes, drawn according to the basic eye shape, and then the end of the eye is drawn according to the effect you want, or lifted, pulled, or clicked until it is different. Visual sense! It should be noted that the links and fillings must be full, and the triangle behind the end of the eye looks more natural. Fashion makeup and life makeup can also be distinguished by the eyeliner drawing method of this place. For the heavier eyeliner, you can choose the right eye shadow to let the eyeliner become the focus, or adjust it into a small smoke.

As for the lower eyeliner, it is best to use an eyeliner, because when using liquid eyeliner or eyeliner, the color and line are not easy to grasp. In addition, you can browse through the other questions provided to find more practical makeup tips!

1. How to remove eyeliner is correct and the harm of wrong eyeliner: how to remove eyeliner? Usually use special cleansing products, such as cleansing oil. One way is to apply the cleansing oil to the eye area with a cotton pad, wait for a while, so that the cleansing oil fully contacts the eyeliner, and then gently wipe to remove the eyeliner.

2. How to get eyeliner and what kind of people are suitable for eyeliner: The eyeliner tattoo does solve some people's "trouble", so after knowing how to get eyeliner, do you have the idea of ​​getting eyeliner tattoo? In fact, the pattern of eyeliner depends on the individual's specific situation. Not everyone is suitable for eyeliner.