How to draw lip makeup


Thick lips how to draw lip makeup? The slightly thicker lips look sexy, but the lips are too thick to lose their beauty. How can lip painting be done for girls with thick lips? Xiao Bian shares the skills of lip painting for you. The thick lips of girls want makeup to be beautiful. Let's learn about the two different types of lip makeup.

Thick Lips How to Draw Lip Makeup: How Do Lips Become Thicker?

Thick lips are actually good for creating gradient lips, because the lip edge is desaturated and only the middle lipstick is painted, so the lips will look smaller.

Apply concealer first and apply concealer to the entire lip. The location of the edges should be focused, so that the border does not look so obvious.

Choose matte lipstick, smear in the middle of the lips, then use the lip brush to brush on both sides, a light color on it.

Thick Lips How to Draw Lip Makeup: How Do Lips Become Thicker?

In addition to the gradient lip, there is a way to make the mouth look smaller. When you paint your lips, first use a lip pencil to draw your lips. The corners of your mouth should be slightly stretched. Your lips will look smaller.

If you feel that your lips are thick, you can draw a little bit of your lip line and not paint your lips. Of course, it is also necessary to fade away the lip edge first.