How to draw eyeliner


The single eyelid mainly emphasizes the thick and thick eyeliner, and slightly rises at the end of the eye to achieve the effect of enlarging the eyes and brightening the look. The lower eyeliner is as slim and natural as possible. Together with the thick curling eyelashes, even the single eyelid can become Electric eye.

Step1:First of all, use a foundation that is deeper than the skin color to make the outline of the eye socket work out and be a primer.

Step2:Using an eyeliner, draw a black eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye to the outside, and tap it from the inside corner to make the width of the line the same.

Step3:Then, from the actual end of the eye, start with the center and draw along the roots of the eyelashes as far as possible. There is no need to deliberately go beyond the end of the eye, and it is important to connect smoothly with the center of the eyeliner. The eye tail rises slightly. You can use the other fingertips to pull up the eye socket a little and open your eyelids to make the segment smoother.

Step4:The lower eyeliner is drawn from the inside out with a dark brown eyeliner, which is more slender and natural. You can brush under the eyelashes for better results.