How to draw eyeliner with eyeliner and eyeliner?


    Eyeliner generally have natural, soft features, you can draw a natural level of makeup, easier to grasp than the eyeliner. But most easy to halo makeup, after coating, you can follow the shape of the eyeliner, pressure on the same color of the eye shadow powder can improve the problem of halo makeup. Waterproof eyeliner (liquid) need to use a special remover remover.
Method / step:
1, eyeliner basic wave step:
First set the end of the eye 1/3, determine the eyeliner position;
Eyeliner pencil close to the eyelashes root painting;
Tail a little bit up to emphasize the feminine;
And then coated with a layer of eye shadow, so that the painted eyeliner will not produce blooming.
2, eyeliner and eyeliner eyeliner basic steps:
The liquid shake, squeeze the right amount, according to want to achieve the makeup effect, develop thickness, choose the middle of the eyelid pen;
To the end of the eye pull the painting, coloring easier and uniform;
Hand hold the eyelids, make it smooth, eye tail can pick;
And then from the eye to the middle part can be connected.

     Eyeliner master experience Summary:
<1>, when painting a small finger to support the face or elbow on the table, to maintain balance can not shake hands;
<2>, painted in three parts, do not draw once;
<3>, the liquid is best less dip (especially in the corner of the eye), or blink of an eye to go to the upper two layers of the skin. If you want to draw slim eyeliner, it is recommended to draw a eyeliner under the eyelashes, so that is not rigid, easy to create fresh makeup.