How to draw eyeliner with a wide double eyelid, professional makeup artist teaches you to draw eyeliner


How do you draw eyelids with wider eyelids? How should friends who learn to make up from scratch pay attention to these problems?

When you draw your eyeliner, you can darn your eyeliner, and you can see it with your eyes open. Then we should pay attention to the concept of "nature". We want to draw some natural Eyeliner naturally. One aspect is that the eyeliner should be painted and not blank. On the other hand, you can combine the eye shadow to soften the smoky effect.

Some students have different eyelids, so how do you draw Eyeliner if you have wider eyelids in such a case? At this time, the eyeliner will be a bit thin, no matter how it is painted. How can we solve this problem? Professional make-up artists suggest that you can paste a beauty eye patch on the narrow piece of double fold eyelids. The width of the beauty eye paste can be cut according to its own eye type, and the eyeliner glue can also be used to create the effect.

There are some differences in how to draw eyeliner in terms of width and width. There are some differences in strict terms. Meticulous painting always comes to an ideal state. Besides, you can learn more about the makeup of the eyeliner through the following articles. You can also learn more about makeup and hair binding skills.
1, how to draw Eyeliner at eye opening, eye shadow, eyeliner, false eyelashes can help you finish eye beautification: how to draw eyeliner in opening your eyes, this problem is not difficult to solve. Eye shadow and eyeliner can help you to beautify your eyes. First of all, how to use eye shadow.
2. Eyeliner and eye liner are the best tools: Eyeliner, eyeliner, eye liner and so on. So what's better for eyeliner and eye liner? From the experience of small children, the use of eye liner is much more convenient. After all, solids are easier to control than liquids.