How to draw eyeliner for wider double eyelids


How to draw eyeliner for wider double eyelids, professional makeup artist teaches you to draw eyeliner
How to draw eyeliner on the wider double eyelid? How should friends who learn makeup from scratch pay attention to these problems? A professional makeup artist gave an example, such as Fan Bingbing's eyes. When drawing eyeliner, you can boldly draw the eyeliner thicker, the kind that you can see when you open your eyes. Then we must pay attention to the concept of "natural". If you want to draw the double eyelid eyeliner more naturally, one aspect is that the eyeliner should be painted full, and there should be no white space. On the other hand, you can combine eyeshadow to blend to create a soft smoky effect.

There are students whose double eyelids are not the same wide, so how to draw eyeliner if the double eyelids are wider in this case? At this time, no matter how you draw the eyeliner, it will look a little thin, so how to solve this problem? Professional makeup artists suggest that you can put a beauty sticker on the narrower double eyelid. The width of the beauty sticker can be tailored according to your eye shape, and you can also use eyeliner to create an effect!
Strictly speaking, there are some differences in how to draw eyeliner with the width of the double eyelid. The meticulous drawing method will always achieve the ideal state. In addition, you can also learn more about eyeliner makeup through the following articles. Oh, you can also learn more techniques for learning makeup and tying hair!
1. How to draw eyeliner at the corner of your eyes, eye shadow, eyeliner, and false eyelashes can all help you to beautify your eyes: How to draw eyeliner at the corner of your eyes, this problem is not difficult to solve, eye shadow and eyeliner can help you beautify your eyes effect. Let's first look at how to use eyeshadow.
2. Which eyeliner or liquid eyeliner is better: The most used tools for drawing eyeliner are eyeliner, eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, etc. So which eyeliner or liquid eyeliner is better? From my experience, the use of eyeliner is much more convenient, after all, solids are easier to control than liquids.