How to draw eyelids look big?


In order to soften the lines of the eyeliner, we can use cotton swab to compress the eyeliner, so that the painting can be adjusted uneven eyeliner, so that the whole eye makeup more pretty.
How to draw eyelids look big?
Eyeliner should pay attention to the seven matters
1. Choose high-quality eyeliner product.This is a guarantee of eye health, regular brand of eyeliner products from the formula to the quality of the strict checks, you do not have to worry about they will cause eye infection caused by health problems.
2. Save method is important.Eyeliner Some are screwed into the function, or plastic cover design, remember not to let the pen tip exposed to the air. If it is eyeliner cream, after each run out of eyeliner brush should be clean, dirty eyeliner paste in the brush head easy to breed bacteria. Brush cleaning agent on the brush to disinfect, protect and care effect, after use, brush more soft and smooth. The damp bathroom is not suitable for placing eyeliner, so put them in a waterproof cosmetic bag or a dresser on the living room. There is also a very easy to overlook the place, cut pencil pencil sharpener, it is recommended that every time after wiping clean and let go, so that will not let the eyeliner in the sharpening process is contaminated.
3. sharpen the eyeliner.Thick blunt eyeliner painted lines are really more soft, suitable for creating smoked eye makeup. But if the refill is about to indent the wooden pen, then do not be lazy, it may also lead to allergies and friction to your cornea and eyelids. Tip the eyeliner, and then gently rub the tip on the paper towel so that the pen tip becomes rounded.
4. Wash your hands clean.If you like to faint eyeliner with your fingers, then remember to make sure to wash your hands before use, rubbing your eyes with dirty hands is one of the causes of inflammation of the eye
5. Give up the sequined eyeliner.Although some products claim to be absolutely safe, it is not a good thing to use flash glitter too close to the eye, especially if you are still wearing contact lenses. Tiny sequins are easy to move under contact lenses, and then a long time the friction eye.
6. Order is important.If you bring stealth, then you should first wear contact lenses and then make-up, but when the remover is just the opposite, first remove the invisible remover.