How to draw eyebrows with eyebrow pencil


Since ancient times, beauties love to draw eyebrows. Eyebrows are the focus of your whole make-up. If you want to draw eyebrows well, you need to know how to use eyebrow brushes. For beginners, it is easy to shake their hands when using eyebrow brushes to draw eyebrows. How can eyebrows be drawn with eyebrows brushes?
First of all, with a hard eyebrow pencil which has no obvious color rendering effect, gently draw a eyebrow tail to fill the sparse eyebrow root. In this way, but do not draw eyebrow tail too long and drooping, to look at their face shape to find the right balance. And fill in the poor blank in the line. Then use a hard brush to draw the whole eyebrow except the front of the eyebrow. Drawing the whole at the beginning will make the sparse parts appear more pale. Then, with a real light colored thrush product, draw the front of the eyebrows a little.

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