How to draw a red liner to enhance the mysterious makeup effect


Buy red eyeliner will not draw? Teach you clever use of red eyeliner to create charm red liner makeup ~ Let's take a look at it!
How to draw red eyeliner
Gray purple eye shadow with red liner, a very attractive woman's eye makeup, slightly thick, need to match the clothes and the scene Oh ~
Red liner makeup tutorial
The first step: Choose with red gold brown eyeshadow, eye shadow painted with your fingers on the top two thirds of the eyelids, finger pressure eye shadow can keep eye shadow pearl.
Step Two: Choose a pearl gray purple eye shadow, medium eye shadow brush to take eye shadow painted at the end of the third eye, the outer edge of the former halo barbed shape, set the end of the eye angle and range.
The third step: a small eye shadow brush dip deep purple eyeshadow, painted in the end of the eye one-third of the eye folds, highlighting the small triangle shape, try to dizzy dark eye shadow gradient.

The fourth step: finger rubbing pearl purple eye shadow, a large area pressed at the end of the eye, to help dark eye shadow blooming, to enhance the brightness of pearlescent.
Step Five: Then use a reddish brown with gold flash, a small amount of fingers to take, with eyes and lay silkworm, eye shadow pearl to keep, but do not let pearl fall silkworm below.
Step Six: pearl gray purple eye shadow, with a small eye shadow brush stained take, sweep to the bottom of the eye, pay attention and the connection on the eyelids, pearl drop with double eyelid tape cleaning.
Step Seven: Choose bristle brush soft brush to take powder, swipe eye shadow edge, blooming edge and clean the edge of the skin.
Step Eight: Choose a black eyeliner pen, draw a good black liner and open the eyes of the effect.
Step Nine: red eyeliner gel strokes outside the eyeliner but only draw the end part of the eye, but also under the end of the eye with a little. Clipped eyelashes, mascara brush can be.